Popular Writing

19 Year Old World Traveler: Real Life Journey of a 19 Year Old Who Traveled the World in 225 Days, Visiting 13 Countries, and Making Lots of New Friends! Published by HowExpert’s Real Life Stories Series, available here.

  • The story of my 225-day circumnavigation of the globe which began and ended in Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania. It includes many adventures and mis-adventures, from rock climbing naked and hitchhiking at 4am to mass-on-motorbikes and tri-lingual conversations with a chain smoker and a doctor. It details my adventures in at home in Hawaiʻi as well as in Japan, China, Vietnam, France, Italy and much more. My parents had a heart attack when they read about the wild things I had gotten up to, but by then I was safe and sound and at home once more.

“The Martyr’s Mother” (monologue performed at the 2019 Women’s Voices Festival in Honolulu)

  • A monologue from the perspective of the mother of Origen of Alexandria, about his (apocryphal?) foiled martyrdom – when she prevented him from leaving the house by hiding all his clothes.  

“The Seven Sleepers of Princeton” [Forthcoming in Bear Publications Mythic Orbits Vol 3.]  

  • A modern sci-fi re-imaging of the classic Christian story of the seven sleepers of Ephesus. It also includes a translation of the original story, as it appears in the 10th century Menologion of Basil II.

Works in Progress

Shattered Purity/A Quest for Healing and Biblical Answers after Sexual Violence

“Another Bad Day for Jerome”