Academic Writing

Completed Works

“The Fire of Putrid Desire: The Story of the Mare-Woman in the Syriac Life of St. MacariusCoptica: A Journal of Coptic Studies 20 (2021).

“Out of the Cloister: Theological Libraries as Spaces for Spiritual Formation”, an essay in Theological Librarianship 13 No. 1 (2020), available here.

Review of Rachel Joy Welcher’s Talking Back to Purity Culture for Arc: The Journal of the School of Religious Studies 50 (December 1, 2022), available here.

“Angels in Heavenly Churches: Ranking of the Angels in Bar Hebraeus’s Candelabra V”: The Eighth Dorushe Graduate Student Conference on Syriac Studies, 2022, abstract available here.

“God’s Elect: Chastity and the Other in Ephrem’s Reading of Genesis 6:1-8”: Sportula Classics Collective, paper for “the Naked Soul” conference, June 2019, available here.

“Anonymous Angels: Angelology in West Syriac Miniatures” [Forthcoming in in Visual Cultures in Medieval Syriac Traditions, editors Alyssa Cady and Emily Chesley; Sense, Matter, and Medium (De Gruyter)

“Is there anything Christian about the iconography of Syriac Incantation bowls?”[Forthcoming Paper at the 2023 Society for Biblical Literature Annual Meeting]

“Is there such thing as Religion? A Digital Analysis of Syriac Terms”with Slavomír ‪Čéplö  [Forthcoming Paper at the 2023 Society for Biblical Literature Annual Meeting]

Works in Progress

Translation of the Genuine Homilies of Asterius the Cappadocian